James MacMillan
Edingburgh Int. Festival · Edingburgh · July 1993

This piece was comissioned by the Traverse Theatre for the Edinburgh main Festival . Francisco Negrin was asked to research young scottish composers and he found James MacMillan and Craig Armstrong, both unknown at the time. Craig Armstrong was also comissioned for the companion piece to Tourist Variations, which was directed by Ian Brown. Craig went on to be a celebrated pop musician and film composer working with the likes of Björk and Baz Luhrmann. James Macmillan has now been recognised as one of the greatest contemporary composers.

Libretto: Iain Heggie
Production Team
Set: Simon Vincenzi
Costumes: Simon Vincenzi
Lighting: Davy Cunningham
Conductor: Martin André

Alasdair Elliot, Eirian Davies

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