Martín y Soler
Drottningholm · Stockholm · July 1995 / 1993

This show was designed to show off the workings and original sets of the intact 18th century theatre in the Palace of Drottningholm in Stockholm. Though the acting style is quite contemporary, the visual style and intent are quite authentic. It was the first of what would soon be several Martin Y Soler operas to be directed by Negrin. The prodution was broadcast on Swedish television. The choreography was by Marc Leclerq

Production Team
Set: new elements by Anthony Baker
Costumes: Anthony Baker
Lighting: Marianne Thallaug Wedset
Conductor: Nicholas McGegan

Casts included
Olle Persson, Lene Nordin. Stefan Dahlberg, Mark Bartholdson, Elisabeth Berg, Susanne Ryden / Sara Olsson, Gunnar Lundberg, Erik Saeden / Henrik Westberg

"This is an opera of terrific invention, violence, tunefulness and dramatic wit. It has been waiting for an enterprising professional revival. Now it has got one. Opera publics throughout Europe would surely respond with the same enthusiasm as the Swedish audiences have been if they were given the chance."

Martin Kettle
The Guardian
July 23 1993

"Francisco Negrin is full of ideas and has wrapped the piece in comedy without losing sight of the style. It is a visually well thought-through production... The Rare Thing of the title is not only virtue but a production as sure-handed as this one, in which high spirits and music join to create fireworks at Drottningholm."

Carlhakan Larsen
Sydsvenska Dagbladet
July 14 1993

"Francisco Negrin's production is full of imagination, knowledge and wit. He spices it with gags, visual inventions and a close collaboration with choreographer Marc Leclercq, creating a seamless whole... Francisco Negrin made the cast irresistible."

Leif Aare
Dagens Nyheter
July 14 1993

"One must admire the art, style and taste that enabled the production team to breathe a fresh and natural life into the piece... You leave the theatre totally satisfied by this Cosa Rara, which has given, right from its first season, a bright shine to the artistic reign of Elisabeth Söderström."

Jacques Fournier
Opéra International
October 1993