O. Shoek
Grand Théâtre · Geneva · February 1997

This was one of Negrin's most successful shows ever. The unknown but hugely effective piece, the great cast, the stunning designs, and a concept that truly believed in the piece all contributed to the rave reception the production recieved. A performance was broadcast on TV. This was the start of a fruitful relationship with the opera in Geneva, under Renée Auphan, which would be the true base for Francisco's evolution..

Production Team
Set: Anthony Baker
Costumes: Yvonne Sassinot de Nesle
Lighting: Wofgang Goebbel
Conductor: Mario Venzago

Cast included
Paul Frey, Stuart Kale, Adrianne Piezczonka, Hanna Shaer, Isabel Monar, Helen Williams, David Pittman-Jennings

"The beauty of Venus takes the breath away. Set and direction are close to perfection. Francisco Negrin's work is perfectly fluid, clear in a way that only cinema usually achieves when dealing with metaphysics... This is an absolute visual success."

Sylvie Bonier
La Tribune de Genève
February 1997

"The audience succumbs to the charm of 'Venus'. Fascination sets in because this production of the rare opera is a total success… Francisco Negrin avoids all cliched imagery, be it romantic or expressionistic. His staging literally frames and focuses on the different sequences with a very cinematic rhythm."

Lucca Sabbatini
Le Journal de Genève
February 1997

"The Geneva performances staged by Francisco Negrin and designed by Anthony Baker, mark an important step in the slow but steady Schoeck revival. The beauty of the production was that it allowed us to see everything through Horace's eyes, tracing his withdrawal from reality in the most mesmerising fashion. It also revealed the psychological perceptiveness of Schoeck's music... In the finale, magically lit by Wolfgang Göbbel, mythology and fantasy became one."

Andrew Clark
The Financial Times
March 1997