Philip Glass
Royal Danish Opera · Copenhagen · March 1998

A site specific productionthought up for the wonderful electrical power station called Turbinehallerne that the Danish Opera used for a few years in Copenhagen an dthe first of the two different productions Francisco Negrin will direct of this opera. (see Orphée II). The names of Philip Glass and Cocteu and the unusualness of the venue brought a whole new audience, one more accustomed to Theatre and Performance art, who were able to see opera has a much more experimental side. This was teh first fully professional production of the piece by an opera company.

Production Team
Set: Anthony Baker and Heather Carson
Costumes: Anthony Baker and Camilla Esben Hansen
Lighting: Heather Carson
Conductor: Frans Rasmussen

Casts included
Djina Mai-Mai, Susanne Elmark, Peter Grønlund, Johan Reuter / Palle Knudsen, John Laursen, Tomas Tomasson

"Francisco Negrin, who studied film making and music... knows Cocteau's work well, and knows exactly how to bring forward Orphée as the "popular" poet, rejected by the avant-garde, as Cocteau and Glass themselves were. He finds the most appropriate images to illustrate generous and un-egotistical love... This is a great success for all concerned."

Elisabeth Forbes
Opéra International
June 1998

"What does a wise director do? He makes for good theatre. And exciting theatre Orphée has certainly become. In a simple but striking high-tech setting full of symbolically reflecting surfaces, Francisco Negrin has made the singers work with human theatre in such detail as rarely seen on any opera stage. The cast is so vitally present in their characters which are portrayed with exactly the right naturalism called for by the film. At the same time, however, there is room for interesting symbolic and decorative use of the abstract space. It is exhilarating drama and a pleasure to the eye."

Jan Jacoby
June 1998