Grand Théâtre · Geneva · September 2000

It was a challenge to turn Ginastera's cahotic but incredibly strong score and premice into a dramatic and emotive evening, but with the help of incredible movement and choreography by Ana Yepes, totally commited performers and strong support from the conductor, a way was found and this is probably Francisco Negrin's strongest production and the culmination of his collaboration with designer Anthony Baker. Audiences and press alike were riveted by this totally pertinent study of the dangers of the abuse of power. 

Production Team
Set: Anthony Baker
Costumes: Anthony Baker
Lighting: Wolfgang Goebbel
Conductor:  Gisèle Ben-Dor

Cassandra Riddle, Linda Mirabal, Ethel Guéret, Louis Otey, Tracey Welborn, Troy Cook, Héctor Perez, Joël Angelino, Anne Tournié

"One cannot imagine a production stronger, more committed or more accomplished. There are images as astounding as Francis Bacon paintings... Red and gray, Ana Yepes' expressionistic choreography, the surgical precision of gestures, the references to surrealism... all concurs to enlarge the drama, down to the permanent dance between Beatrix and her double, who represent the two levels of consciousness of the heroin. ... But it is the whole one has to salute. All characters are given a chance to exist, to vibrate, to move and to go far beyond the night in which the piece submerges them."

Jean-Jacques Roth
Opéra International
November 2000

"The palm goes, without doubt, to the production team, all perfectly together in making the music and stage a whole. With such clear ideas they have managed to make the singers consummate actors and all concurs to create a communicative and powerful force."

José Luis García del Busto
ABC Madrid
September 2000

"Beatrix Cenci burns the stage and pit of the Grand Théâtre in this production to be remembered... in this universe of blood and madness, the director and designer have melded at the crest of the dramatic tensions."

Sylvie Bonier
La Tribune de Genève
September 2000

"This show is, both dramatically and technically, quasi perfection."

Renaud Machart
Le Monde
September 2000

"What can I say? The production is exceptional. Beautiful, cruel, genuine, disturbing, inventive..."

Aimé Corbaz
Le Matin
September 2000