NYC Opera · New York · October 2000

Another chance for Francisco to work with his "Handel team" (Anthony Baker, Harry Bicket, David Daniels, Lisa Saffer...etc), and to explore the possibilities offered by dance within the dramaturgy of a baroque piece. Once again, Ana Yepes brought her deep knowledge of baroque dance and created a fusion with contemporary and Balinese techniques that added to the spectacular ever-changing scenery to make for a spectacular entertainment. Christine Goerke stole the show as Armida, as she would a few years later again with Francisco Negrin, as Agrippina in Santa Fe...


Production Team
Set: Anthony Baker
Costumes: Anthony Baker
Lighting: Allen Hahn
Conductor: Harry Bicket

Christine Goerke, Denis Sedov, Lisa Saffer, David Daniels, Daniel Walker, Kevin Burdette, Christopher Josey

"It is not easy, but this production gets a number of things right. First the tone, which concedes the deep seriousness and yet manages a half smile (and not a disrespectful one) at the conventions of opera seria. The joint directors walk the line between modern parody and period-piece earnestness with grace... Rinaldo next plays tomorrow. It is worth a trip."

Bernard Holland
The New York Time
November 2000

"The crowd-pleasing finale to act 2 features many comic and pyrotechnical diversions, culminating in an exploding harpsichord. Here and elsewhere, Negrin and Baker demonstrate a flair for lively stagecraft."

Charles Isherwood
November 2000

"At last an original City Opera production of dramatic and musical distinction, one the company can be proud of."

Peter G. Davis
New York Magazine
November 2000