Ópera de Nice · Nice · March 1990

Francisco Negrin's first major production. With a very strong concept, extreme designs by Nigel Lowery and a rather germanic non-sentimental approach betraying the influence of early years as an assistant, the production went quite against the grain in Nice where it was strongly booed on first night but then went on to have excellent notices internationally and a cult following. Many offers came from it, really launching Francisco's carrer.

Production Team
Sets: Nigel Lowery
Costumes: Marie Louise Walek
Lighting: David Cunningham
Conductor: Paul Ethuin

John Fowler, Wendy White, Jean-Luc Chaignaud, Jean-Marie Fremeau, Constance Hauman

"... Francisco Negrin has remembered that opera is at its strongest when it tightens its links with theatre, while at the same time it refines its sensitivity to the music.... This production boasts an intelligent and rigorous concept, and perfectly articulates the three components (lighting, design and staging). There is a richness of ideas, all clichés are eliminated and the actors' direction gives a real chance to every character..... All is said with images of striking, modern beauty."

Pierre Michot
Le Journal de Genève
17 March 1990

"...It was a spellbinding performance with a modern art approach that gave it a chilling effect..."

Caroline Dekker
Chicago Tribune
30 December 1990