Dorothy Chandler Pavillion · L.A. · February 2001
Queensland Opera· Brisbane · October 1998
Sydney Opera · Sydney · July 2000 / 1997 / June 1994

This is the production that started Francisco Negrin's international carreer. It was a total hit that recieved rave reviews and blew away the unsusppecting Sydney audiences in 1994. It recieved the Green room award for best production and best director and best preformer, was revived many times and travelled across the pacific to Los Angeles as well as to the operas in Brisbane and in Melbourne. It has been released on VHS, DVD and on CD and is still remembered by many as the best Handel opera production they have seen. Francisco Negrin went on to direct a new production of the piece for Copenhagen, which improved on the first version and has also been released on DVD and won awards. It was also the start of the great ocllaborations that were to follow between Francisco Negrin and Harry Bicket on several other Handel operas. The choreography was by Gregory Nash.


Production Team
Set: Anthony Baker
Costumes: Anthony Baker
Lighting:  Davy Cunningham
Conductor (Concerto Copenhagen): Richard Hickox /Harry Bicket

Casts have included
Yvonne Kenny, Pamela Helen Stephen, Graham Pushee, Elizabeth Campbell, Andrew Dalton, Bejun Mehta, David Daniels, David Walker, Stephen Bennett, Rodney Gilchrist, Rosemary Gunn, Elisabeth Futral

"Sense, sensibility and sensuality: the Australian Opera now has an extraordinary new production of Julius Caesar in the repertoire, by Francisco Negrin, one of the whiz-kid directors on the international circuit."

Brian Hoad
The Bulletin
June 1994

"The recent opening night of Giulio Cesare was one of the very greatest occasions in the history of the Australian Opera. ...The singers give every sign of wholehearted cooperation with the director's unequivocal aim of providing a lucidly memorable and engaging theatrical experience... The congruence of movement and music is the pervasive characteristic of this production. Nowhere is this more accomplished than in the Act 1 confrontation between Caesar and Ptolemy... I do not believe that, in 35 years of opera going, I have experienced a finer scene with such sensitive and perceptive matching of text, action, music and lighting."

John Carmody
Sydney Sun Herald
June 1994

"Francisco Negrin's revelatory production saw the capacity first night audience howling its approval at the final curtain This is one of the most thrilling and challenging productions I can remember. Negrin, undaunted by the opera's length, propels it along, revealing its six leading characters as much more than historical clichés. Negrin has taken an opera that was fearless for its time, musically rich and dramatically complex, and had the courage to reflect the spirit of Handel's elaborate theatrical creativity."

Peter Burch
The Australian
March 1995

"I have saved the best for last, the highest highlight of my visit: Julius Caesar. ...It was a winner on an international scale, a hit to match Baz Luhrmann's Midsummer Night's Dream. The Edinburgh Festival should bring the Australian Opera straight back with Julius Caesar. ..The show took Sydney by storm and became the hottest ticket in town....I could go on, suffice it to say Negrin's production was a rave."

Graeme Kaye
Opera Now
November 1994