Lyric Opera · Chicago · February 2003
NYC Opera · New York · September 1998
Glimmerglass · Cooperstown · July 1998

The magic of an unsuspected Handel masterpiece coming to life through understanding of the production team with the cast and conductor, has had an astonishing effect on audiences. Firts staged on Glimmerglass festival, it then went on to New York and Chicago, always with the same spirit. It is, of Francisco's Handel production's, the one that most deeply touches spectators. It has become a bit of a cult show even with audiences who usually favour Puccini and Verdi and in houses normally considered too big for this repertoire. It was also the begining of what now feels like the Negrin / Bicket Handel troup of wonderful singer-actors!

Production Team
Set: John Conklin
Costumes: Paul Steinberg
Lighting: Robert Weirzel
Conductor: Harry Bicket (Glimmerglass and Chicago)
George Manahan (NY)

Glimmerglass and NY: Lisa Saffer, John Mc Veigh, David Daniels, Bejun Mehta, David Walker, Jennifer Dudley, Eduardo Chama

Chicago: Elisabeth Futral, Kurt Streit, David Daniels, Bejun Mehta, Patricia Bardon, Mark Doss

"The NYCO production of Partenope... is a treat. The singers create a magic world and a magic world is what director Francisco Negrin and designers have created for them onstage. Negrin's work, in bringing out these performances and creating a habitat for them is characteristically sophisticated, touching, and attuned both to 18th century formality and a modern immediacy of feeling and gesture."

Paul Griffiths
New York Times
September 1998

"Glimmerglass opera has scored another triumph with Partenope. The thought of hearing a full house laugh and cheer during baroque opera is odd, indeed, but that is what director Francisco Negrin achieves..."

Larry McGinn
The Syracuse Newspapers
July 1998

"Francisco Negrin turned Partenope into electrically up-to-date theater... This was the most thrilling experience I've had in an opera house in many a moon."

Scott Cantrell
The Kansas City Star
August 1998

"Intelligent direction and high production values."

Ross Wassermann
The Freeman's Journal
July 1998

"Glimmerglass opera has moved the action to the 20th century. The results? Stunning... add creative staging by Francisco Negrin and you have the makings of a hit."

Peter Haley
Times Union
July 1998