Royal Danish Opera · Copenhagen · March 2005
Royal Danish Opera · Copenhagen · May 2002

A second production of Julis Caesar after his earlier Sydney one was such a hit and made his career was of course daunting to Francisco Negrin.  But with the same designer and their love for the pice a new show was born, from the best of the fisrt and with the added experience of the interveneing years, along with an extraordinary conductor. The piece, as it had been to Australian audiences at the time, was a revelation to Danish audiences and the show immediately gained a cult following, with people sleeping outside the theatre to get last minutes seats the following morning.  The reviews were even more extraordinary than for the Sydney version and now the show has been released on DVD. Sadly Francisco Negrin does not belive the filming did justice to the production or to the performances, unlike the brilliant DVD of Partenope, the show that Copenhagen produced to build on the success the same cast and team had had here .  The production won the Danish Reumert award for best production of the year, was revived two seasons later and all in all Giulio Cesare is Francisco Negrin's flagship opera.

Production Team
Set: Anthony Baker
Costumes: Anthony Baker
Lighting: Allen Hahn
Conductor (concerto Copenhagen): Lars Ulrich Mortensen

Andreas Scholl, Inger Dam Jensen, Tuva Semmingsen, Palle Knudsen, Randi Stene, Christopher Robson, Michael Miniacci

"***** * (6 stars when the usual maximum is 5)."

Berlingske Tidene (Denmark)
May 2002

"The production is sublime."

Politiken (Denmark)
May 2002