Poul Ruders
Royal Danish Opera · Copenhagen · March 2005

A new opera house, a new piece, new laser-driven remote control technology for the set, even a wonderful new conductor... Lots of innovation for one mad project. It is the most challenging production in Francisco's career and was a wonderful team effort from all concerned, be it the design team or all the workshops, choruus, production managers, actors, etc, all battelling with huge numbers of performers, huge scenery, hugely complex devices, endless costumes with prosthetics and the wonderful but then still untamed new Opera House.

Production Team
Choreography: Ana Yepes
Set: Paul Steinberg
Costumes: Carol Bailey
Lighting: Allen Hahn
Conductor: Thomas Søndergård

Johnny Van Hall, Kenneth Christensen, Gisela Stille, Marianne Rørholm, Gert Henning-Jensen, Michael Kristensen, Johan Reuter, Hanne Fischer, Ole Hadegaard, Hans Lawaetz, Anders Jakobsson, Bo Anker Hansen

"Director Francisco Negrin's razor-sharp vision..(the eminent opera director who created the Royal Theatre's perfectly balanced production of Handel's Julius Caesar. We also reported on Negrin from Bologna where he directed Beethoven's Leonore). It was Negrin's outstanding collaborators who set this surrealist whirlwind in motion but it is Negrin's own special touch that is felt as the guiding hand throughout, for example in the outstanding direction of Gisela Stille and Marianne Rorholm."

Peter Johannes Erichsen
March 2005

"Negrin's thoroughly musical production, Paul Steinberg's flexible sets and Carol Bailey's hilariously grotesque costumes go perfectly together and their cooperation is a winner."

Søren Kassebeer
Berlingske Tidene
March 2005

"The production is rich in ideas, elegant and extremely effective in a continually changing and complex decor."

Jan Jacoby
March 2005

"The contribution of director Francisco Negrin and set designer Paul Steinberg are a major merit of the performance and most entertaining."

Eva Hvidt
Kristeligt Dagblad
March 2005