The Alhambra · Granada · June 2006
Santa Fe Festival · Santa Fe · July 2001
Grand Théâtre · Geneva · November 1997

Originally conceived for the very specific attributes of the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices (a converted power station in the middle of the river in Geneva)  this show was then adapted to the similarly specific attributes of Santa Fe opera to then finally be seen in the even more specific surroundings of the Carlos V palace in the Alhambra in Granada. The show, in all its versions, was admired for its totally un-compromising elegance and depth, all claustrophobically kept within the strict form of this french classical tragedy become true Opera Seria in the hands of a 14 year old genius... Donal Kaasch  was the impressive Mitridate in all versions.

Production Team
Set:  Anthony Baker /Mark Bouman (Alhambra elements)
Costumes: Anthony Baker
Lighting: Wolfgang Goebbel /Allen Hahn / Bruno Poet
Conductor: John Keenan / Kenneth Montgomery /Harry Christophers

Casts have included
Laura Aikin, Inger Dam Jensen, Ofelia Sala, Sandrine Piau, Flavio Oliver, Bejun Mehta, Jossie Perez, Celena Schafer, Donald Kaasch, Cecilia Nanneson, John MacVeigh, Michael Smallwood, Cristina Obrégon, Nicolle Foland, Kathleen Callahan, Fiorella Burato, Dagmar Peckova, Jeannette Fischer, Marc Laho

"Tension and palpitation impose themselves with irresistible power in Francisco Negrin's staging. The setting is austere but in constant movement. ...Through the miracle of demanding actor's direction, all the static conventions of opera seria vanish into breathless action."

Philippe Andriot
Opera International
January 1998

"Imposing scenery, sumptuous costumes, and a skilful staging: Mitridate comes out of purgatory at last."

A. Mafra
Figaro Lyon
November 1997

"Staging, and making images for the catalogue of essential passons that Mitridate is, Francisco Negrin and Anthony baker propose very beautiful spaces, elegant and lyrical and with a strong taste for symbolic objects... They certainly handle to perfection the heady rules of scenic syntax."

Dominique Rosset
November 1997

"Mitridate was for many the highpoint of the Santa Fe festival this summer. Francisco Negrin's production found the human drama embedded in the rich array of arias. Aided by Anthony Baker's elegantly simple sets and resourceful use of stage, Negin gave the arias the scenic enhancement needed to animate them while never distorting their intended impact with 'clever' effects."

George Loomis
The Financial Times
August 2001