Liceu · Barcelona · July 2007
Liceu · Barcelona · December 2002
Grand Théâtre · Geneva · September 1999
Teatre Victoria · Barcelona · February 1999

Having had so many starry casts and been seen several times on television in two countries, and even been transmitted live to a giant screen on the beach in Barcelona to an audience of thousands, this must bee Francisco Negrin's most seen production. And it is now available on DVD (see the DVD section above for more info). As his first Bel Canto production, it was the source of many lessons learned that Negrin would later apply in his very successful production of Bellini's other masterpiece: I Puritani

Production Team
Set: Anthony Baker
Costumes: Jonathan Morrell
Lighting: Wolfgang Goebbel
Conductor: Giuliano Cerella / Daniele Callegari / Marco Guidarini

Casts have included
June Anderson, Fiorenza Cedolins, Sharon Sweet, Dolora Zajick, Sonia Ganassi, VIncenzo LaScola, Andrea Papi, Andrea Silvestrelli, Ines Salazar, Veronica Villarroel, Gegam Grigorian, Susan Neves, Begonia LAberdi, Francisco Vas, Simon Orfila, Francesco Ellero D'Artegna, Franco Farina, Giacomo Prestia, Hugh Smith.

"...This is beautiful work, with just what is needed of tradition and modernity, all here is of such elegance and such good taste..."

Jean-Jacques Roth
Le Temps
September 1999

"This superlative production gives all its meaning to Norma. Francisco Negrin achieves again what he achieved two years ago here with Mitridate: to give a spine and a symbolic universe to a piece that lacks them as written."

Jacques Nicola
Le Courrier
September 1999