Leipzig Opera · Leipzig · December 2006

The challenge here was for a totally non-germanic director to direct THE Viennese operetta , not so far frm Vienna, and for a germanic audience with a long tradition of the genre.  So the setting was changed to the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas  where a dubious easter-european Mafia-type grpup is having a huge reception.  The show was a total hit and surprised many people, not least Francisco Negrin who had thought taking the genre over towards Broadway was perhaps too risky a business! It seems the re-writing of the libretto and the spectacular dance numbers coreographed by Thomas MacManus went a long way to help the Leipzig audiences forget their habits! Unfortunately Robin Adams' splendid performance as Danilo was seen by few as he had to cancel all but two of the performances due to trying personal circumstances.

Production Team
Set: Rifail Ajdarpasic and Ariane Isabell Unfried
Costumes: Louis Desiré
Lighting: Michael Röger
Conductor: Frank Beermann

Cast included
Artur Korn, Ainoha Garmendia, Robin Adams, Gabriele Fontana, Tomasz Zagorski, Dominique Sertel, Patrick Imhof....

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