Palau de les Arts, Festival del Mediterraneo · Valencia · June 2008

La Corte de Farón was a great challenge. How to stage in a massive concert hall a quaint and "naughty" cabaret-operetta from the start of the 20th century and make it pertinent and truly amusing for a modern audience?  Francisco Negrin wrote a totally new libretto for the piece, introducing the characters of Napoleon, Josephine and their Egyptian guide Ali in an absurd quest through egyptian history searching dsolutions to their marital problems. The show was a big hit with the audiences and french actor Stéphane Facco gave a memorable performance as Napoleon, supprted by spanish actor Alberto Mateo as the guide and the show stopping song "Ay ba" was performed as a stellar cameo appearance by the iconic film star Rossy De Palma. The numerous choreographic numbers were choreographed by Ana Yepes in a multitude of fusioned dance styles.

Production Team
Set: Louis Desiré
Costumes:  Louis Desiré
Lighting:  Bruno Poet
Conductor: Enrique García Asensio

Rossy de Palma, Linda Mirabal, Soldead Cardoso, Maite Alberola, Pilar Vazquez, Begoña Alberdi, Eugenia Bethencourt, Boro giner, Jose María Requena, José Miguel Sola, Javier Aguiló, JAvier Franco, Alejandro Guerrero, Alberto Mateo, Stéphane Facco

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