Netherlands Opera· Amsterdam · February 2009
Greek National Opera· Athens · April 2009
Grand Théâtre · Geneva · January 2011

After directing Norma, also by Bellini, Francisco Negrin was very interested in directing another major Bel Canto piece but with a cast who would be willing to explore the characters in a new way and give a full performance, both vocal and theatrical. The opera in Amsterdam put together that cast and together cast, production team and conductor were able to bring out all the usually unseen strengths of this masterpiece of the Bel Canto repertoire. The production was then revived with different casts, in Athens and in Geneva and there Diana Damrau sang her debut as Elvira.

Production Team
Set:  Es Devlin
Costumes:  Louis Desiré
Lighting:   Bruno Poet
Conductor:  Giuliano  Carella, Andriy Yurkevyc, JeúusLópez Cobos

Casts included
Diana Damrau, Alexey Kudrya, FRanco Vassallo, Lorenzo Regazzo, In -Sung Sim, Fabrice Farina, Isabelle Henriquez, Daniel Borowski, Riccardo Zanellato, John Osborn, Scott Hendricks, Gregorio Gonzalez, Federika Brillembourg, Mariola Cantarero, Eglise Gutierrez, Bryan Hymel, Balint Szabo, Tassos Apostolou, Giorgio Cauduro, Irini Karaianni, Philippos Dellatoalas.


"The stregth and the integrity of the concept, the attention to each small event in the action, and more than anything the efficient actor's direction that makes each performer give all, make for the accomplished vision of these Puritiani"

Gérard Ferrand
Feb 2011



"This Puritani is a magnificent production"

Despina Savopoulou
Eleftheros Tipos
May 2009



" I Puritani is beautiful visual and musical experience. "If you do it, do it right", is what they must have thought at De Nederlandse Opera. The Italian belcanto-specialist Giuliano Carella, the much talked-of director Franciso Negrin and a handful of first-rate singers were brought to Amsterdam. Together they form a dreamteam that shaped Bellini's most famous opera in a both musically and visually convincing way. Negrin has modernized the opera but retained the original character of the piece. Instead of bare minimalism, he uses suggestive poetic and colourful images. They are extremely stylized, but because of that also hugely expressive. This I Puritani is an impressive visual and musical experience. Here is a production that every opera lover must have seen and heard."

Oswin Schneeweisz
Algemeen Dagblad
February 2009




"The direction, the sets and technical aspects are sensational.... The director has made the action very credible in an extreme, contemporary ,metallic set by Es Devlin which is a series of claustrophobic rooms that swap, creating a show that is like a movie thriller"

Eftichi D. Choriataki
May 2009




"I Puritani is a very difficult opera to direct, with an unbalanced libretto. Francisco Negrin and his team, it has to be recognised, have taken up the challenge rather successfully....    "

Rudi van den Bulck
Opera Magazine (France)
April 2009