Garsington Festival · Garsington · June 1990

Only the second opera to ever be staged at what would become a very respected festival in following seasons. At that point, the terrace of the manor was not yet adapted to be a stage, the audience sat on simple arena seating set up on the lawn and the whole house from kitchen to bedrooms was invaded by the crew.

Production Team
Set: Nigel Lowery
Costumes: Nigel Lowery
Lighting: David Colmer
Conductor: Peter Ash

Lynne Davies, Jamie MacDougall, George Moseley, Patrick Donnelly, Robert Poulton, Jennifer Rhys-Davies, Tamara Mitchell

"...With the benefit of judiciously taken liberties in Francisco Negrin's production there are no yawning longueurs. As for the emotions, Negrin decides that we laugh; but the beauty of his staging is that it allows the characters an element of pathos. Humour does not swamp them: it is economically applied and to the point..... Enlarged with this delightful staging Orlando Paladino deserves to return and reach a wider audience..."

Michael John White
The Independent on Sunday
1 July 1990