Martín y Soler
Opera National · Montpellier ·  November 2011
Teatro Real · Madrid ·  March 2010
Liceu · Barcelona · October 2009

This show was conceived along with Francisco's second production of Cosa Rara (for Valencia) as a Martin y Soler mini-series, with the same design team. Both shows use the world of Pop Art  and Japanese Manga as an inspiration for these light, sexy comedies whose popularity made even Mozart envious in their day. They have now been proven to still have the power to delight audiences, mainly thanks to very witty libretti by Lorenzo da Ponte. The choreography for Arbore di Diana was by Thomas MacManus. The video creation was by Joan Rodón. Both in Barcelona and in Madrid the show has been recieved with excellent international reviews, and has been released on DVD. Several international monthly magazines elected both the show and the DVD as "event of the month". Most recently the show was revived in Montpellier, again surprising and delighting audiences.

This was Francisco's 40th production  .

Production Team


Rifail Ajdarpasic, Ariane Isabell Unfried
Costumes:  Louis Desiré
Lighting: Bruno Poet
Conductor: Harry Bicket, Fabio Biondi, Ottavio Dantone

Casts included
Michael Miniaci, Ana Nebot, Jossie Perez, Laura Aikin, Ekaterina Lekina, Ainoha Garmendia ,Maria Hinojosa, Marco Vinco, Simon Orfila, Giorgio Caoduro, Elena Copons, Anna Tobella, Gemma Coma-Alabert, Charles Workman, Andrew Goodwin, Steve Davislim, John McVeigh, Lyubov Petrova, Marina Comparato, Ketevan Kemoklidze, Pavol Breslik, Dimitri Lorchak, José Luis Sola.

"The liceo has hit the nail on the head....  producing a show that bets on Pop Art from the 80's and japanese manga. With detailed actor's direction, that the cast responded to admirably, immersed in an unreal atmosphere that takes advantage of cutting edge theatrical technology and an itelligent use of lighting and sound, the director transposed the fable and satire that make up L'Arbore di Diana to modern times and did it with genius, explaining the story without confusing it.....  The melodies flow easily and the Da Pontian commedy of manners unrolls to perfection led by Negrin's magic strings..."

Pablo Meléndez-Haddad
October 1999





"What a beautiful tree!... Martin y Soler's piece turns out to be a happy discovery, especially thanks to such an imaginative director as Francisco Negrin....

Richard Martet
Opéra Magazine (France)
November 1999





"The truth is that Francisco Negrin's work has managed to maintain the piece's narrative and to underline it's best comical moments..... The show functions very well and has allowed the spectators to appreciate the quality of Martin y Soler's music..."

Roger Alier
La Vanguardia
October 2009




(article in April 1011 issue of "Classica")

(article in November 2009 issue of Opéra Magazine -France )