R. Strauss
Palau de les Arts · Valencia· June 2010 

Working with such famed singers as Siegrfried Jerusalem and Hanna Schwarz on this piece was a wonderful experience for Francisco, as was working again with the incredible Camila Nylund, who had been his Arabella in Antwerp. The production took a very novel view on the piece both in the characterisation of Salome and Herod as a more complex characters than usual and by making the usually single location into several, including the inside of Jochanaan's mind within a very kinetic set. This production was incredibly well recieved within the opera world.

The very important video elements were cretaed by Joan Rodón

Production Team
Sets: Louis Desiré
Costumes: Louis Desiré
Lighting: Bruno Poet
Conductor: Zubin Mehta

Cast included
Camila Nylund, Albert Dohmen, Siegfried Jerusalem, Nikolai Schukoff, Gordon Gietz, Adriana Zabala, Isaac Galan, Luca Espinosa, Vincent Pavesi, Pawel Izdebski, lLexander Vinogradov, Koroly Szemeredy, Niklas Björling Rygert, Emilio Sanchez,Eberhard Francesco Lorenz, Antonio Lozano, Miguel Angel Zapater

"A wonderful team effort of which the same team's Macbeth in Strasbourg had already given us an example. A highly sophisticated scenic device offers the piece a level of cohesion one has rarely seen... Carefully refined, well lit and with good actor's direction, the show never ceases to capture one's imagination, without being overwhelmed by aesthetic information nor by the rather numerous extras in contemporary costume whom I had worried could have taken the production towards too "political" a reading. The emotion that could also have been lacking was present thanks to the staging's great intelligence, always at the service of the piece, and thanks to the great cast, really worthy of the "festival" label. "

François Lehel
Opéra Magazine (France)
September 2010


"Director Francisco Negrin, who has a track record in this same house that includes a brilliantly fantastical and humorous production of Una Cosa Rara by Martin y Soler, now delivers a psychodrama that is at once fascinating and terrifying .."


Thomas Migge
June 2010




"An analytical reading of Salome, as stimulating for the eyes as for the mind.
The sexual pulse that Negrin manages to have vibrating in the sets by Louis Desiré is less about form than about content. There is no explicit sex in the Tetrarch's orgies, nor direct eroticism in the dance of the seven veils, nor is there a kiss from Salome on the lips of the Baptist's severed head. The charge is in the interplay of underlying tensions, which is much tougher and impactful than it would be in a simple metaphore-free narrative  in which everything is illustrative.
Of all the Salomes seen in recent years, this one seem sto me the most advaced an the one best translated to the realities and mysteries of the present times."


G. García Alcalde
La Provincia
June 2010