Martín y Soler
Auditorio Narciso Yepes · Múrcia · December 2010
Teatro Calderón· Valladolid ·April 2010
Palau de les Arts· Valencia · February 2010

This is Francisco's second production of this opera.While the first was in the totally authentic theatre at Drottningholm and hence rather "in style", this one was conceived with the same team as the Barcelona production of Soler's L'Arbore di Diana, as part of a mini cycle using imagery from Manga and Pop Art, with this time a sortof a Truman Show twist to the story that fitted it perfectly.  The production once again showed that the piece is a little jewel and delights audiences now as it did when it opened and beat Mozart's Nozze di Figaro at the "box office" in 18th century Vienna.

The choreography was by Ana Yepes (who had not been able to do it for Francisco's first production 13 years before...) and the video content and set up were by Joan Rodón.

Production Team
Sets: Rifail Ajdarpasic and Ariane Isabel Unfried
Costumes: Louis Desiré
Lighting: Bruno Poet
Conductor: Ottavio Dantone, Sergio Alapont, Juan Luis Martinez

Casts included
Maria Hinojosa , Ofélia Sala, Dolores Lahuerta, Joel Prieto, Maite Alberola, Javier Tomé, Marta Ubierta, Isaac Galán, Lluís Martinez, Elia Todisco, David Rubiera, Enrique Sánchez Ramos, Manuel de Diego, Ana Nebot, José Canales, Albert Escobar, Francisco José Leiva,A lmudena Mahiques, Chis Moreno, Vicente Palomo , Anna Romaní

" Negrin's scenic vision, well assited by designers Ajdarpasic and Unfried and costume designer Desiré, is full of imagination and at the same time remains very close to the text. It is a large raked field full of irregularities, trees and hiding places that finally make plausible all the asides in the libretto. A spirited delivery and a generosity of means gives us a bit of lightness and pleasure all too rare in these rather austere times, and make for a delicious show, that would deserve to be revived in other European theatres."

Isabella Maria
Giornale della Musica
February 2010



""A very witty, lively, successful and compelling staging"


Thomas Migge
Klassik Info
February 2010




"A delightful show we look forward to seeing again if it is recorded for video!"



Pierre Cadars
Opéra Magazine (Fance)
April 2010