Victoria St. Opera · Melbourne · August 1992

This was a new staging by Francisco, but devised using an existing set and existing costumes from an old John Copley production. It hence does not reflect a truly personal dramaturgy, though it was praised for providing unusually clear storytelling and for strong insight into the character's relationships. It was the show that opened the doors of Australia for Francisco, leading directly to the famous Julius Caesar in Sydney.

Production Team
Set: John Stoddart
Costumes: Kristian Fredrikson
Lighting: David Murray
Conductor: Richard Divall

Richard Margison, Bernadette Cullen, Jeffrey Black, Lisa Gasteen, Amanda Colliver, Barseg Tumanyan, Noel Mangin

"...With the benefit of judiciously taken liberties in Francisco Negrin's production there are no yawning longueurs. As for the emotions, Negrin decides that we laugh; but the beauty of his staging is that it allows the characters an element of pathos. Humour does not swamp them: it is economically applied and to the point..... Enlarged with this delightful staging Orlando Paladino deserves to return and reach a wider audience..."

Michael John White
The Independent on Sunday
1 July 1990