Live Acts on Stage

This is a play by Australian writer Michael Gow that Francisco Negrin saw a production of while working in Sydney. It is a fascinating rewriting of greek myths.

After trying to find a producer for it in London it was finally Sharon Maughan and Trevor Eve who picked it up along with Michael White's production company. It was decided to do a semi staged production of it as a showcase in view of finding further funding for a West End presentation. That did not happen in the end.

The event was staged in collaboration with the Chelsea Centre Theatre in London, at the time headed by Francis Alexander, who gave it great support.

It is to date the only incursion by Francisco Negrin into the world of spoken theatre and it was a chance to work with established actors like Sharon Maughan and Kika Markham as well as with actors Francisco had met through his opera directing years and wanted an occasion to work with, like Angela Lonsdale (who then went on to the famous TV series Coronation Street).